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Manage your content intelligently
from anywhere
Today, we conduct business from anywhere and everywhere—from
remote offices, airports, client sites, and even as we commute. When
you can connect to your information easily, securely, and in real time,
you ultimately improve profitability and customer service because
you have what you need when you need it.
Using Autonomy WorkSite, the award-winning document and email
management solution, you can manage all of your business documents
and email intelligently from anywhere. We make information accessible
from desktops, laptops, the internet, and mobile devices. WorkSite
helps you work in ways that are consistent with your business policies
and vision. We help you collaborate more across distributed teams
using a range of applications that help you simplify how you work and
increase your productivity. WorkSite provides support from any device
or access point to manage all content electronically.
Technology solutions that are easy and intuitive to use are accepted
by more people. WorkSite is exceptionally easy to use and deploy,
and requires minimal training for a lower total cost of ownership
and rapid return on investment. Rather than relying on email to
share and iterate versions of documents, WorkSite provides a
common location to reduce the chances of sending an out-of-date or
incorrect version of a document.
Autonomy WorkSite helps you overcome the biggest hurdle to
effective information management—user adoption. We give you an
advanced filing system that eliminates the need for people to fill out
tedious forms and manually classify each and every asset. With a
streamlined user experience, adoption rates go up. And when more
people use the system, your content is captured for management
purposes and leveraged across the enterprise for greater value.
• Robust Document Management – Automatically manage documents, case files,
and emails to ensure compliance and productivity
• Advanced Search and Retrieval – Gain a conceptual and contextual understanding
of electronic data with unmatched accuracy of results via Autonomy IDOL
• Understands Meaning – Leverage Autonomy IDOL to understand the meaning
of information, enable intelligent routing and activity generation, and drive
• Powerful Offline Capabilities – Benefit from the industry’s most powerful offline
capabilities and give users the same safe, secure access to documents as online
• Extranet Access – Enable secure information sharing with client parties via a web
browser to improve client service and increase client renewals
• Easy-to-Use Interface – Streamline how you create, manage, and govern all
content with an intuitive, customizable user interface
• Deployment Options – Deploy flexibly on site, as a hosted solution, or via a hybrid
option to meet departmental and enterprise needs for all phases of content
• Petabyte Scalability – Scale up or down to meet your unique demands via
WorkSite’s petabyte scalability
Understand the meaning of 100% of
your information
Powering Autonomy WorkSite, the Autonomy Intelligent Data
Operating Layer (IDOL) enables you to identify and act on patterns
of information across over 1,000 file types, more than 400 data
sources, and content in any language. Because IDOL has the ability
to understand the context, relevance, and trends held within
information, you can leverage this knowledge to make fact-based
decisions with unmatched efficiency and ROI. With IDOL, your
business can makes sense of 100 percent of your information,
giving you an advantage over the limitations of traditional content
management technologies that can no longer keep pace.
Control and leverage content using a
range of devices and applications
Accessing your business information should be instant, so you can
connect to what you need quickly, regardless of how you connect.
Autonomy WorkSite manages enterprise, project, and departmental
content according to policy-based work practices, making it
available for compliant collaboration across teams. Through the
IDOL platform, WorkSite content is available from any device or
access point, including desktops and laptops, the internet, mobile
devices, and client-facing extranets.
Product brief
Autonomy WorkSite
Figure 1. Manage business documents from within familiar applications
Essential document management features help you track document
versions from initial draft to final form. You can maintain audit
trails and logs and manage email and other electronically stored
information (ESI). Electronic files managed by WorkSite are accessible
using the applications you work with every day, such as Microsoft®
Office and Microsoft Outlook. You can also access WorkSite from a
Web browser or an iPad.
The core document management features provided by WorkSite include:
• Security – Manage security and apply ethical walls to control
access to information
• Check-in/Check-out – Maintain a clear reservation process to
avoid document edit conflicts
• Version Control – Store document updates and versions for easy
search and reference
• Audit Trails – Track all changes to documents, profile metadata,
and user access
• Categorization – Build easy-to-navigate folder structures and
categories to let users browse project content and knowledge stores
• Scalability – Grow libraries into the petabytes and deliver
centralized access to practice teams located anywhere
Collaborate across all boundaries
Depending on the type of project, initiative, or program you may
be working on, you know how important it is to organize your
information in a simple framework that all team members can
use and understand. Autonomy WorkSite addresses this need by
organizing information into Workspaces that serve as virtual file
folders for all content related to a specific project, deal, or client.
Workspaces provide immediate access to all related information
in a unified file and enables team-based collaboration regardless
of geography, time zone, or device. Even widely distributed teams
can work together on projects, allowing you to leverage available
resources and expertise across the globe with the necessary
security to restrict access to sensitive data. Workspaces also
maintain a comprehensive audit trail for regulatory, legal, and
operational purposes.
Streamline email filing
If your business is like most, a wide array of valuable information
is stored in email. With Autonomy WorkSite, you can leverage a
scalable approach to email filing that makes email part of a unified
engagement or project folder. Email Management reduces the burden
on mail servers and transforms email from an isolated knowledge
source, visible only to the addressee, to an asset that can be easily
and securely accessed by relevant users across all offices. You can
also improve compliance processes and simplify the way you respond
to discovery requests by storing related emails and documents in one
central location. And with intelligent duplicate detection, only one
copy of an email is maintained in the WorkSite project file.
Automated Classification Filing – Filing locations for unfiled email
are suggested based on previous filing activity. Suggested locations
simplify the filing process down to as little as one click. The most
recent filing locations are also referenced for quick access to
previous filing locations.
Inbox Folder Synchronization – Emails filed within inbox folders
are automatically filed into corresponding WorkSite folders. Users
continue to file to their preferred inbox folders from any mail client
such as Outlook, Outlook Web Access, BlackBerry®, and iPhone, and
a copy is automatically routed to the corresponding WorkSite folder
for preservation in the official project file.
Server-Based Filing – The WorkSite Communications Server
delivers fast email filing performance, leaving Outlook free to
respond to the next task. Intuitive mail icons provide users a status
of the filing activity.
Duplicate Detection – Intelligent duplicate detection ensures a
single copy of the email is filed, reducing storage requirements and
confusion caused by multiple or outdated versions.
Marked as Filed – Icons for filed emails are clearly marked within
the mailbox for all recipients along with the WorkSite filing location
Access your content from mobile devices
Working on the go is a given in today’s business environment.
WorkSite Mobility brings key capabilities of Autonomy WorkSite
to popular mobile devices such as RIM BlackBerry®, Apple iPhone®,
Apple iPad, DROID®, Windows Mobile®, and other browser-enabled
smart devices. Through an innovative user interface, you can now
interact with client files, find and view documents, and attach files
to emails to collaborate with colleagues and clients from wherever
you are.
WorkSite Mobility on the iPhone® or iPad works seamlessly with
popular Apple mobile devices and provides you with powerful, easy,
and secure access to information in WorkSite repositories. WorkSite
leverages groundbreaking Apple technology to deliver superior
document access with high-fidelity document viewing, multitouch zooming, document rotation, and the speed of WiFi and 3G
networking capabilities. This integration lets you effectively access
and manage email and engagement-related content from anywhere,
and remain productive and responsive to your clients’ needs.
Access content regardless of connectivity
For mobile users who spend a lot of time out of the office and not
connected to their network, OffSite provides features like check-in/
check-out, version control, and search. You can work in the same
familiar environment as connected clients, with the ability to browse
the file hierarchy, view and modify documents, create new ones, and
search repository content. When you reconnect to the network, new
and updated files are synchronized automatically to quickly and
accurately resolve any conflicts.
Share and collaborate using zerofootprint WorkSite Web
The ability to securely share business content with staff, clients, and
partner organizations is critical to keeping your business moving
forward. The scalable, installation-free WorkSite Web solution
streamlines the way you use and share information and removes
the need to replicate content for publishing. The WorkSite Web
experience is similar to working with WorkSite on the desktop, which
cuts the need for training and optimizes productivity immediately.
For SharePoint users, WorkSite for SharePoint adds the security,
scalability, and lifecycle management of WorkSite to Microsoft
SharePoint. A single user interface supports proper storage and
retention management of business content, working seamlessly
with a new or existing SharePoint deployment. A collection of web
parts expose content-critical sections of the WorkSite repository
for complete document management functionality through your
SharePoint user interface.
Automate content-related activities for
compliance and consistency
In your enterprise, content and process go hand in hand. They exist
as a result of the other and together they drive business growth. A
common challenge in most organizations, however, is managing the
heavy dependence upon unstructured information such as email,
documents, voice, paper, mobile, and video information. Because
unstructured information does not fit well into traditional databases or
IT infrastructures, it can be difficult to manage according to compliance
obligations. Using WorkSite’s seamless connectivity to Autonomy
Process Automation (APA), powered by IDOL, you can understand
and manage unstructured information with the same efficiency as
structured data to transform inconsistent, content-related activities
into streamlined, compliant, and auditable processes.
Manage content from capture to
While the vast majority of content in your organization is digital,
your paper-based information must still be securely managed.
Autonomy TeleForm, a module that integrates seamlessly with
Autonomy WorkSite, provides the only imaging solution that unifies
all your paper-based processes throughout the enterprise, even
across different departments, businesses, and geographies. Using
a unified approach that manages both digital and paper content,
you can deliver a consistent experience that offers full auditability
of all processes.
WorkSite in the cloud
Deployment flexibility is critical to any technology solution you
implement. It has to mesh with the way your organization works.
The WorkSite architecture supports a variety of flexible deployment
scenarios, including hosted, centralized, distributed, and hybrid
approaches. That way, you can deploy WorkSite to best meet the
specific requirements of your environment.
Hosted WorkSite leverages Autonomy’s cloud, the world’s largest
private cloud with more than 50 petabytes of content under
management in data centers across the globe. Hosted WorkSite
offers the same rich functionality as on-premise installations, and
lets you deploy rapidly, enhance collaboration, scale up on-demand,
and lower your total cost of ownership. The hosted model allows
internal and external resources, as well as third-party service
providers, to collaborate on a single set of data in the cloud. Using a
single set of data eliminates the need to proliferate multiple copies
of content, or perform error-prone information hand-offs across
disparate networks.
Autonomy WorkSite benefits
• Unmatched Usability – Intuitive user interfaces minimize training for a lower TCO
and greater user adoption
• Intelligent Automation – Intelligent automation removes costly, time consuming
manual processes
• Unparalleled Information Access – The ability to connect to more than 400
repositories and support more than 1,000 file types, including audio and video, and
independent of language, enables unmatched access
• Seamless Platform – The Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) provides a single
infrastructure platform for managing all enterprise information with a range of
solution modules
• Low Total Cost of Ownership – Autonomy solutions can overlay current systems to
enable you to leverage existing infrastructure and expertise
• 24/7 Access – Reliable mobile and offline access to email and matter content
ensure high customer service levels at all times
• Business Continuity– Clustering and load balancing ensure performance, fault
tolerance, high availability, and business continuity
• Robust Security – WorkSite has the ability to control system functionality and
content access at the object level, based on a user’s group or role
About Autonomy
Autonomy, an HP Company, is a global leader in software that
processes human information, or unstructured data, including social
media, email, video, audio, text and web pages, etc. Autonomy’s
powerful management and analytic tools for structured information
together with its ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms
of information, regardless of format, is a powerful tool for companies
seeking to get the most out of their data. Autonomy’s product
portfolio helps power companies through enterprise search analytics,
business process management and OEM operations. Autonomy also
offers information governance solutions in areas such as eDiscovery,
content management and compliance, as well as marketing solutions
that help companies grow revenue, such as web content management,
online marketing optimization and rich media management.
Please visit to find out more.
About HP
HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful
impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The
world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio
that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT
infrastructure to solve customer problems.
More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at
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