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Course outline
Document Control
Focus Learning unit Description
to Records
Introduces ISO15489 and its relevance to Document Controllers.
Managing Project
Explores the project environment in detail including project types, stakeholders
and record types to help establish context for the Document Controller.
Document Control
Explores the ISO guidelines on records capture and how it’s applied in the
project context. Unit covers principles, methodologies and tools applicable to
records capture.
Document Control
Explores the ISO guidelines on the registration of records and how these are
applied to the project context. Unit covers principles, methodologies and tools
applicable to registration.
Document Control
Explores the ISO guidelines on classification and how it is applied in the project
context. Unit covers development process of classification systems and
construction industry specific systems.
Document Control
Explores the ISO guidelines for records tracking and how they are applied in
the project context. Unit covers types of tracking and importance in a records
Document Control
Explores the ISO guidelines associated with disposition of records and how
these are applied in the project context. Unit covers the types of disposition and
recommended actions, considerations and tools required to support disposition.
Risk Managing
Project Records
Explores industry standard framework for risk management. Unit covers the key
principles and process for managing risks and how these apply to the management
of project records.
Control in
Collaboration Outlines the levels of collaboration frameworks in a project environment.
Managing Project
Explores how project records can be effectively managed using collaboration
technology such as Aconex.
Managing Shop
Describes and applies the 3 recommended methodologies for managing shop
drawings in accordance with Aconex levels of collaboration framework.
Industry Overview Provides a general overview into the construction industry including lifecycle,
types of construction and delivery methods to help establish context for
Document Controllers.
Shop Drawing
Explores in detail the shop drawing submittal process and identifying
common practices and records that are managed in this process.
Process Mapping
Provides Document Controllers with basic skills and knowledge to use flow
charts to illustrate business process mapping techniques.

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