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JUNE 2015
Tom Robbins
• President/Trainer/Consultant
• Robbins Professional Group
• SharePoint Evangelist
• Enterprise Social Architect
Today’s Topics
• Document Sets in SharePoint 2013 Explained
• Why use Document Sets
• Components of Document Sets
• Using Document Sets to automate business processes
• Examples:
– Candidate Management
– Feature Requests
– Project Scope Changes
Document Sets
• Document Sets are a feature that enables an organization
to manage a single work product which includes multiple
pieces of content (documents, files)
• Document Sets are like “super folders” because they have
features that folders do not have
• Includes Document Set attributes, folder attributes, and
folder behaviors
Document Sets
• For teams and organizations, a “work product” is a group
of documents that need to be managed as a whole project
or deliverable: versioning, object of workflow, metadata,
permissions, send to, email link
• Contain a unique UI, metadata, and object model
elements allowing management as a complete package.
Document Sets
• Example “work product” > Document Set
– Legal Group needs to manage multiple documents, photos,
video, and audio files for a specific case. They need to be able
to have the “casefile” be part of workflow and to have it’s own
– Emergency Prep Supervisor needs to manage a group of files
which dictate the procedures, maps, and contacts for each of
the company stores.
Example Document Set
• Event Management
1) To set up and manage a New Event
Example Document Set
• Creating the document set
Example Document Set
& Metadata
Document Set Components
• Welcome Page
• Default Content (user-specified templates)
• Allowed Content Types
– These are based on existing content types that you must create
from scratch or reuse
• Shared Columns / Metadata
• Workflow
• Versioning
Managing Document Sets
• Create an Event Management Document Set
– Create each document which will make up the Doc Set
– Create the Event Management Document Set content type
• Advanced Settings
• Document Set Settings
– Default Content Types
– Allowed Content Types
– Shared Columns
– Customize Welcome Page
• Site Columns
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